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Enjoy Chinese Food in China Fully by Breaking Language Barrier
2012-01-31, 10:57 AM
Enjoy Chinese Food in China
Authentic Chinese food is delectable in flavor and astounding in its sheer variety. With 56 ethnic groups contributing recipes cultivated over centuries from every corner of the country, China is justifiably famous for its claim as home to the most popular cuisine in the world.

You would be remiss if you did not sample as many of Chinese regional cuisine as possible during your trip to China. Before you rush out, do your homework.
Language barrier - your trouble when dining out in China

Do you have any idea which restaurant you should go to? Is it worth your time and money?
After you sit down in a typical Chinese restaurant, you easily get stuck what to order, because most of the menus are written in Chinese without any picture.

Some big restaurants may provide menus in English, yet I bet you cannot tell the difference between those similar and weird names. Frankly, neither can I, even as a native Chinese speaker.
How to spot right food in right restaurants

1. Keep a pocketbook with the regional most famous food which tells you the name of food, the sense of taste, the ingredients, with recommended restaurants (address attached) and dish picture. Chinese food is well-known for its variety. As your time in China is limited, I do not think you have enough time to try all. So enjoy the best and never miss it!
2. Choose a restaurant with full of customers. You may wait for a longer time, but you will be paid off. Remember: the more the customers, the better the taste. Traffic is the testimonial of good restaurants. This step may ensure that it is a restaurant with good flavor. Just look at the table around you and point to the dish you fancy and ask how much it costs, this system works really efficient but your luck is decided by others. Using Chopsticks Correctly

3. This way usually ensures the quality of food but it must cost you much more than two ways above and only works in some big cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou. Select a four star above hotel locally, go to its Chinese food restaurant, consult with the waiter in English or you may find menus attached with pictures. But remember it really costs you a lot!
Using Chopsticks

It is not so difficult as you expect. Use your thumb and the fourth finger to grip one stick and middle finger to control the other stick.
After practicing a while, you will be able to pick up pieces of food.
» Tips

Tipping is not very popular in Chinese restaurants and is officially discouraged.
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