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In today's competitive global market, knowing a second language has become a vital skill required by any multi-national company. So, the Company Chinese Language training is specially designed to meet the needs and requirements of these companies, small, big, or even single employee who wants to make business in China or works for the companies which have close contact with their Chinese counterparts and, as a consequence, seeks strategies to develop and improve the communication skills of their human resource. And, we believe company Chinese language training can also enable employers to offer their staff a better, easier life, to improve communication between foreign and Chinese staff, to improve employee self-confidence.
Therefore, "Global Chinese” offers company Chinese language training designed for such companies, in order to help their foreign employees communicate with their Chinese clients and co-workers better and improve their careers, make their life happier. We help our company clients to achieve their company training targets by providing top quality company Chinese training services and tailor-made Chinese courses to meet their specific needs. We take care of all aspects of the training process so that company clients save their time and cost to maximize their Chinese study efficiency. Our goal is to allow students to, not only communicate with Chinese locals and acquire a better understanding of Chinese business and its culture.

Why "Global Chinese” is more professional & effective?
"Global Chinese" has been specialized  in small group and executive private 1-1 company Chinese training. Whether you study for an individual specific reason, or for long-term career development, our tailor made company Chinese training solutions have a direct impact on your future achievements and success.

1.Professional study plans:
We identify the language training needs of your company, and provide professional consultation on your company Chinese training solutions and how to plan the training required. You will receive a Chinese training plan report that specifies your training objectives, options and costs involved.
2.Precise Assessment:
We assess your staff's existing Chinese language proficiency and advice on suitable level Chinese courses on the basis of each staff needs, interest, and target.
3.Total Flexibility:
We provide flexibility in Chinese class scheduling and location. Classes are offered for individuals and groups. We can offer a flexible timetable, as we try to work within your stuff busy schedules. Class times can also be changed upon request. Class can be taken at office, private home or coffee shop, online Chinese class, or even self study with our tailed made practical Chinese learning materials upon individual needs.
4.Tailor-made course:
Chinese course contents can be tailor-made to your company's particular requirements. Industry specific language, and real-life situations and documents from your company can be incorporated into the course materials. We tailor your individual or group lessons to meet specific goals ensuring your staff achieve their study results fast, efficiently and effectively with emphasis on the practical usage of Chinese.
5.Individually designed study Materials:
Individually designed textbooks for classes will be determined after the language proficiency test is given. They can be purchased by "Global Chinese”.
6.Free useful supplementary learning materials:
Enjoy our  free privileged membership general useful vivid combination chinese supplementary learning materials with PDF, audio Mp3, Audio Podcast,and other free learning tools & materials.
7.Teaching Quality Guarantee:
Our instructors are highly trained, experienced, native Chinese teachers from China. They all speak excellent standard Mandarin bringing to their lessons, valuable personal experience and knowledge of Chinese language and culture. All of our instructors are trained and experienced in teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.
8.High Quality Classes:
Classes are hands-on and task based, with frequent role-plays and simulations designed to develop essential language skills. Our very innovative interactive teaching method, combined with intensive listening, vocabulary building and remedial grammar work, builds confidence, fluency and accuracy. Course content is relevant and up to date, with constant input from participants, so rapid progress is assured.
9.Quality Control:
We continuously monitor Chinese course quality to ensure your company’s needs are being met.
10.Performance Monitoring:
We provide progress reports for every Chinese course, including students’ attendance records, level achievements, certificates and recommendations for future Chinese training.
11.24 / 7 open:
"Global Chinese" is always with you, no matter where you are. Our teachers are available whenever you have any difficulties or questions in Chinese.
12.Post-Course Service:
We provide 3-month post-course service. Your staff can call us and receive advice or help on any life assistance services related to Chinese language.
13.Worry Free Package:
With our one-step worry free package, the corporations only need to inform the general targets they want to reach for the training program and we take care of the rest, including content planning, scheduling, and any other procedures involved.
14.Socialized net-working platform:
Your company staff can have the free access to join the Chinese learning related social community forum, blog, speak their heart with the Chinese they learned, share their information with same group members, attend social club activities to make new friends with the same interest, and have a fun!
15.Real results at an affordable price:
"Global Chinese” is dedicated to help their clients maximize their training objective even with a limited budget. We are well known for our very fair prices. And Cooperate discount will be offered. Just feel free to contact us for further details. 

Class Types:
Small Group Class (2~6 per class):
1.Teacher on-site: fixed schedule, convenient for students
2.LIVE Online Teaching (Skype, MSN, etc): flexible schedule and location, convenient for both students and teachers, cost savings
Private 1 on 1 Class (1 per class):
1.Teacher on-site: flexible schedule, convenient for students
2.LIVE Online Teaching ( Skype, MSN, etc): flexible schedule and location, convenient for Students and teachers, cost savings
Self-study Chinese:
1.Compatible self-study Chinese learning materials for the convenience of language learning
2. Video Podcast, mp3, PDF files, free chinese learning resources, tools, etc. Study is full of fun.
3.Free self progress test: will be given upon individual student needs.
4.Progress report: explains precise study feedback, providing students with a clear overview of their progress.
Teaching Types:
Traditional Onsite Teaching:
This is the personalized, onsite, face-to-face teaching only, including group classes and private classes. We can arrange the location of the sessions accordingly.

Premium Combination Teaching:
Combining the online LIVE Online Chinese teaching with traditional onsite teaching, including group classes and private classs, allows students not miss any course even when they are on travel to maximize students’ Chinese study efficiency.

LIVE Online Teaching: 
LIVE Online Chinese Teaching, including group classes and private classes - students can enjoy the flexibility of classes anywhere, anytime convenient for them.

Self-study Chinese Learning:
Study Chinese language by students themselves, using the qualified proven Practical Chinese Course learning materials, and other supplementary free learning materials anytime, anywhere at the pace they prefer.

Golden Package Program:
"Personal Coaching” service provides a personalized service to encourage students to study, enjoying all company Service program benefits, ensuring high quality assurance and maximizing your program investment to its fullest.

Step 1 - Requirement Analysis
Before any course starts, "Global Chinese" will listen to your description of the language needs from your company, division or apartment, do an in-depth research and analysis of your company employees’ Chinese learning objective, interest, requirement, and we will provide a detailed training plan based on the analysis.

Step 2 - Level Test
We’ll arrange to test the Chinese level of your employees.

Step 3 - Course Design
We’ll design a training plan based on the results of the Chinese level test and the study requirements of your employees. Course schedule and location will be fixed according to the client’s requirements.

Step 4 – Contract Signing
We will sign the training contract with your company after you agree with our training plan.

Step 5 - Teacher Arrangement
We’ll select and designate the qualified, experienced professional teacher to carry out the training in order to meet your company’s requirements and reach your training targets.

Step 6- Course Operation
Teachers will carry out the courses according to the training plan.

Step 7- Progress Tracking and Feedback Collection
We will collect feedback from your company employees and teachers periodically, check attendance records and supervise class and teaching methods to improve training quality and effectiveness.

Step 8- Achievement Test and Evaluation
we will test trainees’ language proficiency during and after training. We will also evaluate instructor’s teaching effectiveness and provide training result reports regularly for your companies which are composed of the specific learning situation and the teacher’s advice.

All the above is set for the general company Chinese training. Slight adjustments may be made if needed.


Interested, or for any enquires, welcome to contact our Director of Languages, Katherine for more information ! Thank you !

Mobile: +86 13651712893         MSN:    kate.gccenter@hotmail.com   
Work: +86 21 69185535      SKYPE:  global.chinese
Email: service.globalchinese@gmail.com 
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