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Our Vision:
To be a bridge connecting the rest of the world with the dynamic, historic and utterly engaging nation that is modern China! 
To help you achieve your goals in learning Chinese and in China !
Our Mission:
-To help all the people worldwide to communicate and understand each other by providing flexible, effective, enjoyable and high quality Chinese instruction at an affordable price. 
-To assist businessmen with further market exploration and business expansion in China. 
-To provide orientation for housewives to make China a comfortable place to stay & enjoy. 
-To walk foreign students through Chinese cultures and practices. 
-To make Chinese learning a wonderful journey with lots of fun for travellers and their children. 
-To build a language learning social community dedicated to helping Language learners to learn Chinese and its culture, make friends who share similar interests in China.

Our Philosophy:
To learn a new language is to experience a new way of life. 
To teach language is to help people develop a new way of being in the world. 
Language is an action and a medium to communicate with. 
Learning and using language involves the whole body.
Our Principles:
1. Perfection is what we are seeking in our teaching. 
2. Excellence is the result of our teaching. 
3. Always a real teacher with an individual and professional approach. 
4. Interactive, Effective and Enjoyable so you will be fluent in no time. 
5. Practice makes perfect; we have the best teaching frequency. 
6. Network connecting learners worldwide to understand the world better.
7. Convenience is the key to our success with Chinese learners. 
8. Learn whenever, wherever, and whatever you want to learn with us about China. 
9. Your successful future in China is our responsibility. 
10. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Our Teachers:
A great teacher will always be at the heart of an excellent education !

 At "Global Chinese” are all native Chinese teaching university-trained teachers in mandarin. All of our teachers hold a teaching certificated degree and have received professional systematic training in "Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language". Our teachers have a long-standing professional teaching experience behind them with individuals of all ages, countries, levels and areas, as well as with schools and corporations. All of our Chinese teachers get continuous and rigorous on-the-job training that guarantees the best learning experience for our students worldwide. Their effective instruction has been highly praised by students worldwide who have attended their classes. 

"Global Chinese” are the highest quality professionals to be found. We employ teachers with the experience and pedagogical training to provide the most effective language classes possible. Our teachers draw from a variety of methodologies to conduct activities in the classroom that simulate real-life experiences. It is a top priority for us to create a dynamic, interactive experience for each student. We also put a special emphasis on creating a relaxed environment where even total beginners feel comfortable speaking freely in their new language. Our teachers pride themselves in really getting to know each student and tailoring classes to students’ skills and unique learning styles. Lesson plans are designed with the flexibility to adapt to the goals and interests of each student while focusing on the essential building blocks of the language. Teachers at "Global Chinese” strive to create a dynamic classroom online or offline that students look forward to returning to. Moreover, all our teachers are equipped with a complete and comprehensive knowledge and educational background, and good communication skills in a foreign language. We are convinced that a good teacher should not only achieve the best in teaching, but also should be devoted to a teaching career in Chinese language. Therefore, we have established a teacher training and incentive course. The feedback and marks of students will be treated as one of the most important assessment criteria for our selection of teachers. Students needs serve as the benchmark of our teacher’s goals and directions.

Our Teaching Methodology:
We believe that the ability to speak Chinese is an increasingly important skill in today's world, and that there is a serious lack of well-trained teachers and well-structured communicative courses in this field ! 

We believe that Chinese learning deserves the best of modern teaching methods and educational technology, and we have made it our mission to design and produce these methods and provide them to our students ! 

We believe that anyone can be successful at learning Chinese, provided that they are given the right tools and the right kind of guidance and instruction and so far we have been proved right judging by our successful students ! 

"Global Chinese” choose the most effective, interactive methods with many kinds of teaching aids for our students. Our Effective, interactive teaching methods that are modern and scientific such as "memory cycle”, "strengthen the teaching” "closing practice”, "opening practice” and "role-play” usually used in the class gain a good feedback from our foreign learners. Our effective and interactive teaching methods provide a relaxing, interesting learning environment and help our students achieve their study aim in an easy, fast & more efficient way!

 1. Practice & Review and Enter new class: practice with what you have learned in previous lessons and the teacher will help to correct and at the same time enrich your new knowledge, and then enter you into a new class. 
2. Comprehension: learn new words, sentence structures, grammars. 
3. Recognition: learn how to use the words in the textbook. 
4. Practice: students are encouraged to practice using the newly acquired words and sentence structures. 
5. Reproduction: practice with newly acquired knowledge in and outside class 
6. Questions resolved: your teacher will help to answer any questions you might have.

Our Students:
Our students come from all over the world. 
Our students work in various business areas such as the consulate in shanghai, business owners, company professionals, housewives, foreign interns in shanghai, international students, travellers, etc. 
Our students are people of all ages, the youngest of our students is 14 years old, and the oldest is 67 years old.
Our students cover all levels of society from zero-based, elementary, intermediate and advanced. 

No matter where they are from, what language they speak, what kind of work they do, What age they are, what Chinese level they have, they would prefer to choose "Global Chinese” to learn Chinese. With our professional Chinese language services, students can well communicate with Chinese people, appreciate Chinese culture; travel in china to make their life, work, travel easier, more convenient, and enjoyable!

Students' Benefits:
1. "Global Chinese" saves you precious time and money that would have otherwise been spent on travel and other expenses! 
2. "Global Chinese" brings down language barriers and opens a world of personal opportunities for you! 
3. With "Global Chinese", you choose the course that accommodates your preferences and needs. You become free to choose where to study and you also to choose when to study !
4. With "Global Chinese", you will always be accompanied by a personal professional Chinese teacher to solve any Chinese related questions you might have wherever you are, whenever you are! 
5. With one-on-one language tutoring, your learning is self-paced and you may either speed up or slow down as necessary. You can also benefit from personally tailored instructions and skip over material you already know so you can focus on topics you would like to learn !
6. You do not even have to be physically present in class to enjoy all the benefits that "Global Chinese” brings you ! 
7. Learning a new language is highly engaging because it offers creative interaction between you and your teacher, especially if you enrol in a course that offers one-to-one instruction, online or offline ! 
8. You also have free access to the free Chinese language related resources, which help you in learning Chinese and knowing more about china ! 
9. You get a free ticket to join the Chinese learning related social community and speak to your hearts content with the Chinese you have learned. You can share your information with your group, make new friends with similar interests, get more help and have a fun ! 
10. What you learn from "Global Chinese" will reward you with renewed confidence to return to your own pursuits in your life !

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