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Good Discount Opportunities for general month-based Chinese class registration (Onsite / Online) !

In order to help more foreign Chinese learners find good teachers at good prices to learn Chinese more effectively, more happily, "Global Chinese” offers good discounts for the following situations. Please take a look and find your opportunity of saving money and sharing knowledge and experiences with your friends or your family members!


Good Discounts for big-amount individual registration package (Onsite / Online):

1, Registration over 2 months will get 4% extra classes, eg. pay for 2 months classes and get 2 lessons free.

2, Registration over 4 months will get 5% extra classes, eg.pay for 4 months classes and get 4 lessons free.
3, Registration over 6 months will get 6% extra classes, eg.pay for 6 months classes  and get 6 lessons free.
4, Registration over 9 months will get 7% extra classes, eg.pay for 9 months classes  and get 9 lessons free.
Discounts for Family Package (Onsite / Online):

1, Parents register a course, kids get 7% off for tutoring.

2, Kid(s) register(s) a course, Baba gets 4% off, Mama gets 6% off.

3, Baba registers a course, Mama gets 4% off, kids get 6% off.

4, Mama registers a course, Baba gets 4% off, kids get 6% off.

5, Parents register over 2 month classes, get additional 2 lessons for free !

Discounts for Friends or family members Package (Onsite / Online):

1, Invite a friend or a family member, get 5% off for you and 3% off for your friend.

2, Invite two friends or two family members; get 6% off for you and 4% off for your friends.

3, Invite three friends or three family members, get 7% off for you and 5% off for your friends.

4, Invite four or more friends or four family members, get 8% off for you and 6% off for your friends.

Discounts for Group Buy Package (Onsite / Online):

1, two register together, get 4% off for both.

2, three register together, get 6% off for all.

3, Four register together, get 8% off for all.

4, Five or more register together, get 9% off for all.

Discounts for Group Organizer (Onsite / Online):

1, Organize a group of 4 members, get 8% off for organizer.

2, Organize a group of 5 members; get 9% off for organizer.

3, Organize a group of 6 or more members, get 10% off for organizer.

4, Organize a group at your own place, another 2% off for organizer.


1, All above discount opportunities are based on regular / listing Chinese class fee, and incompatible with any other discounts.

2, All above discounts are only for general month-based Chinese class registration, not for any other services.

3. As for all the Chinese Class fee, please contact our Director of Languages,katherine, she will send you the tuition fee list.

For more information about Global-Onsite-Chinese Class, please visit:  http://globalchinese.ucoz.com/index/global_onsite_chinese_class/0-8     
For more information about Global-Online-Chinese Class, please visit: http://globalchinese.ucoz.com/index/global_online_chinese_class/0-9  
For more information about Self-study Chinese, please visit: http://globalchinese.ucoz.com/index/global_self_study_chinese/0-10  


Interested, or for any enquires, welcome to contact our Director of Languages, Katherine for more information ! Thank you !
                         Mobile: +86 13651712893               MSN: kate.gccenter@hotmail.com 
Work: +86 21 69185535             SKYPE: global.chinese

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