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"Global Chinese” provides tailor made Chinese training for any schools in China and all over the world who are interested in adding to or expanding their curriculum with Chinese language study. We will work with your school to design a Chinese program based on your curriculum, rubrics, and grading requirements, or work with your school to design a Chinese study program from scratch. We believe that each school and each student has a different goal in learning Chinese and it is our mission to cater to individual needs, making quality Chinese language study available for as many students as possible!

Key Benefits:
1.Professional and uncompromising standard of native Chinese teachers
2.Flexibility and Mobility of class time and place
3.Supplemental Tutoring, Complementary to instructor-led courses
4.Tailor made Chinese lessons according to each learner's Chinese level,capability & pace
5.Real results at an affordable price
6.Culture sharing with people from all over the world
7.Innovative practical teaching approach
8.Qualified Language Coaches available for help, feedback, and guidance

Who do we work with?
-Preschools ( China & worldwide)
-Primary Schools ( China & worldwide)
-Middle Schools (China & worldwide)
-High Schools (China & worldwide)
-Colleges / Universities ( China & worldwide)
-Home Schools (China & worldwide)

Our Chinese Study program:
One-stop Chinese Program (China & Worldwide):
If you haven't built your Chinese program yet in your school and want to test it out with an economic option, "Global Chinese" One-stop Chinese program (China & Worldwide) could be a perfect solution for you. Any school, elementary, middle, high schools, even colleges / universities in China & worldwide, can add appropriate Chinese courses into your current curriculum; "Global Chinese" could provide you with a customized Chinese study program to satisfy your student needs. "Global Chinese" could provide localized textbook to complete your Chinese courses or provide you with Chinese tutors to supplement your current staff so students could get extra help and needed practices. Let us know what you are looking for and we can design a one-stop tailor made Chinese study program to meet your needs. "Global Chinese" would be happy to meet you and learn more about your school or organization, then, put together a study proposal for your perusal. We do not charge a fee to design a customized curriculum nor do we require you to make a contractual commitment to us; we are confident you will continue to use our services based on our own merits.

Extra-curriculum Support Chinese Program ( China & Worldwide):
If your school / university have already running its own regular Chinese courses, and you just want to create a real-China environment in or off your campus to practice what the Students have learned in the textbooks, "Global Chinese" can help you. "Global Chinese" helps any schools in China & around the world with a Chinese study program to provide extended Mandarin Chinese practice in order to improve the Chinese language proficiency of your students. All of the contents of the study sessions are strictly aligned with the students' class curriculum, and "Global Chinese" will be working closely with your Mandarin Chinese teachers to ensure the curriculum is of the highest satisfying quality.

Conversation Practice Chinese Program (China & Worldwide):
Conversation practice Chinese Program (China & worldwide) for the students in China & around the world who are learning Chinese in their schools helps them gain fluency in their Chinese speaking and listening skills. Working closely with the Chinese instructors in their schools, "Global Chinese" tailor made program follows the school's curriculum and focuses on building a student's listening and speaking skills based on the vocabulary and grammar that they've already learned in their school. "Global Chinese" offers a specially-designed Chinese conversation class through abundant real-life topics to complement your on-going lessons. "Global Chinese" can help your students improve their Chinese fluency with top efficiency. The conversation practice Chinese program can be integrated into your school curriculum package also according to your needs.

Tailor made Tutoring Chinese Program (China & worldwide):
"Global Chinese" provides 1-on-1 setting tailored tutoring mandarin Chinese program to meet each foreign student's needs on an individual basis. With our tailored Chinese classes, we can design a course suited to each individual student's language level, weaknesses and strengths. Our individual -specific classes accommodate students in China & all over the world with specific interests to help achieve their goals in Chinese learning.

Holiday Mandarin Chinese Program (China & worldwide):
When foreign students are on vacation, "Global Chinese” also offers Holiday Mandarin Chinese Program to provide students in China or all over the world with more opportunities to study Chinese! Students can begin their Chinese study early, continue previous study, improve their current Chinese level, take special classes to meet their personal interest, begin preparation for a test or study abroad. Whatever they want will be met.

Online Support Chinese program (China & worldwide):
Any schools, elementary, middle, high schools, even colleges or universities in China & world wide want to integrate a good online Mandarin Chinese course into your syllabus or want their students to improve their Chinese language skills fast, or want to use an online Mandarin Chinese course as supplementary oral practice for your students, and to expose them to Chinese culture? The"Global Chinese” online Chinese Support program will be your ideal solution. We can provide qualified online native Chinese teachers to help your student 1-on-1 or in small groups, the course will be designed to fit the particular need for your student and the cost will be low enough so that majority of students can afford it.

Self-study Chinese Supplement Program (China & worldwide):
This program is designed for busy students who have no more extra time or who are not interested in attending any extra Chinese coaching class in or off their campus, but prefer to learn Chinese on their own. "Global Chinese” provides the practical self-study Chinese supplement learning materials individually tailor made on each student specific needs, and some free privileged membership general useful combination chinese supplementary learning materials with PDF, audio Mp3, Audio Podcast,and other free learning tools & materials to fit around their existing schedule so that students can maintain a high level of productivity, while at the same time improving their proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. All of the self-study Chinese supplement learning materials are practical, quality assurance, locally popular used, crafted by Chinese language professionals from China famous university who live and breathe the language and culture of Chinese direct from china. You could get the most out of the lessons with comprehension exercises and additional review activities covering the dialogue, key vocabulary, expansion language and important grammar points. You could ditch the computer and study on-the-go with your mobile phone. You could get the instruction from the best teachers, when and where you want it. The optional extra Chinese coaching class onsite or online can also help students get the most out of their lessons if they have such needs.


Interested, or for any enquires, welcome to contact our Director of Languages, Katherine for more information ! Thank you !

Cell: +86 13651712893            MSN:    kate.gccenter@hotmail.com 
Work: +86 21 69185535          SKYPE: global.chinese
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