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Learn & Teach Chinese Mandarin effectively,easy,fast & fun,Welcome !
Why learn Chinese Mandarin ?
1.Business Opportunities:
With China emerging as a worldwide economic giant, groups all over the world are working in union with China to conduct business together. In the current financial crisis affecting the western world, most non-Chinese speaking individuals prefer to learn Chinese Mandarin as a global language with a direct anticipation of broader career opportunities and possible future business expansion.
2.Job Advantages:
To have mastered more than one language gives you an edge and in today’s modern world, many companies make it a necessity for their employees to speak a second language. Businesses today require at least one person who is able to communicate with other countries such as China. Having the skill of knowing the Chinese language could not only increase your odds on getting a job, but could also advance your career in your future.
3.The Language of Nearly 1/4 of the World's Population:
Chinese Mandarin is the worlds most spoken language. Learning Chinese Mandarin will enable you to communicate with the 845 million first language speakers mainly in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and also Singapore. More than that, today, Chinese Mandarin learning has been spread throughout Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe, and is to be found wherever large Chinese communities congregate.
4.Traditional Chinese Culture:
From Confucianism and Chan Buddhism to martial arts and Chinese cuisine, Chinese Mandarin has had an enormous influence on East and Southeastern Asian nations.
China is also a popular tourist destination, with millions of foreign individuals frequently visiting the country and enjoying its great scenic spots and historical sites.
Taste all kinds of delicious food. Chinese cuisine is world-renowned and rich in both taste and tradition. Varieties include Sichuanese, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Hunanese dishes, etc. just to name a few.

Why choose "Global Chinese”?
Real from China! Learn with a Native Professional! Learn your own tailored Chinese! Real people, Real Conversations & a Real individual, so you make Real Progress! There is no substitute for a real, native, professional Chinese teacher to teach you how to speak a foreign language correctly! Global Chinese can teach you whatever you like, whenever you want, wherever you are. It’s truly an interactive & effective experience! We build your confidence quickly because the course is individually tailored to you! We will get you speaking Chinese in no time!
1. Practical, effective, simple, easy, fast, and fun way to learn, understand, and speak fluent Chinese !
2. All ages are welcome at all levels for all purposes !  
3. Well structured, individually tailor-made, result-oriented Chinese study plan !
4. Highly qualified, certified, well trained, professional, patient, experienced, friendly Native Chinese teachers !
5. Highly effective, interactive and practical teaching methods to guarantee a positive learning success ! 
6. Variety of useful practical Chinese textbooks and study materials, with daily-life topics to help Chinese learners adapt to all aspects of life in China! 
7. Full range of Chinese Courses, available  such as speaking Chinese, regualr Chinese, travel Chinese, business Chinese, HSK, Chinese Pinyin, Chinese character and special Chinese courses all tailored to your specific needs and all tailored individually for adults, university students, teens and children !
8. Various private and group Chinese Classes available such as "Global Onsite Chinese Class", Global Online Chinese Class and Global Self-study Chinese". All of these classes have tailor-made course materials and a choice of subscriptions with long term, short term, full time,and part time, and all designed to meet the different needs of our various students !
9. Flexible schedule and unlimited teaching location, in many different time zones with a live interactive learning environment !
10. All the support and encouragement you need to achieve your goals !
11. Regular progress tracking !
12. Your own Chinese Learning Certificate upon completion ! 
13. Affordable, low cost, and with amazing discounts ! 
14. Multiple payment methods available ! 
15. Money-back Guarantee ! 
16. Value-Added multi Chinese language services & China tour programs ! 
17. Free Chinese resources and tools to promote your Chinese learning and your knowledge about China ! 
18. Social platform for you to get to know and make more friends all over the globe, such as forum, blog, language exchange, social club, and etc are all available with Global Chinese !
19. Protection of foreign learners' privacy at all times ! 
20. 24/7 free Chinese language support Open to all foreign Chinese learners ! 
 Who is the "Global Chinese”?
"Global Chinese” is an International web-based, Chinese language & cultural communication platform focusing on foreign Chinese learning & teaching. We are based in shanghai, China and are passionate about helping people around the world to learn Chinese, study mandarin, and to get to know more about Chinese history, art, and culture, so that foreign learners can interact with the Chinese people and society to make their life, work, business, study, travel, easy,convenient, successful and fun! 

Our aim is to be a bridge connecting the rest of the world with the dynamic, historic and recently earthshaking nation, modern China, by providing qualified, experienced professional native Chinese teachers; high-quality multiple tailor-made Chinese courses; practical useful Chinese learning materials; convenient, flexible study environment; thoughtful, nuanced, personalized Chinese langauge services, and all at a low cost to our foreign Chinese learners. We use Chinese teacher based networking communities on cross-cultural communications, and cover a depth of abundant Chinese language services on all aspects of China.

"Global Chinese” is a very comprehensive, useful, interactive, and effective learning & communication platform for bringing the motivated foreigners from around the globe to the core of China.

"Global Chinese” focuses on our high Chinese teaching quality to create your effective Chinese learning results! 

Seeing each foreign learner succeed by speaking fluent Chinese, opening new businesses, creating new relationships and living an amazing experience in China is and will continue to be "Global Chinese" primary focus! 
What can "Global Chinese” offer ?
1.Chinese Course Types:
2.Chinese Class Types:     
3.Chinese Language Training:
4.Tailor-made Services:
1).Chinese language services for foreigners:  http://globalchinese.ucoz.com/index/chinese_language_services/0-20
4.Programs & Activities:
4).Social Club Shanghai:   http://globalchinese.ucoz.com/index/learn_chinese_study_mandarin_social_club_shanghai/0-29    
6.Global Cooperation Opportunities:
Global Chinese Site Map: http://globalchinese.ucoz.com/sitemap.html  

What do foreign Chinese learners say about "Global Chinese"?
"I started to learn chinese 3 months ago with "Global Chinese" and i feel already at ease to speak chinese in my daily life; I am very happy by the evolution of my chinese level which improved fast, thanks to Katherine, my chinese mandarin teacher from "Global Chinese".  She is able to design class according to my weekly needs, and is very motivated to teach me Chinese, make me improve. What is great also is that you can call her many times to ask for help in translating chinese to english or english into chinese if you want to express yourself. One of the main reason I am very excited and motivated by Katherine class is that, i am sure i will reach my aim and the level i want faster than i expected. I would really recommend her and "Global Chinese" to everyone who is interested in learning Chinese!                                                                                                                                           Victor Mayaud (from France)
We genuinely value every student going through "Global Chinese". We care about every student of "Global Chinese" and we aim to help achieve every students goal in learning Chinese and studying Mandarin. We teach every student Chinese Mandarin earnestly, passionately, effectively and with our full heart! This mentality is rooted in the "Global Chinese" culture! Your journey at "Global Chinese” will be filled with fun, excitement and challenges, and it will be a time that you will look back on with us as being one of the more memorable in your life !

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