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Students' Real voice from Real life !

To whom it may concern:

I am very pleased to recommend Katherine Liu as a mandarin chinese teacher for foreigner students. I have been Katherine’s student for the last 6 months. Miss Liu was graduated by East China Normal University with a major of teaching chinese as foreign language as a chinese mandarin teacher for several years. Katherine has therefore a perfect background for teaching chinese languages, with a deep knowledge of phonetics and grammar. Her English is excellent, which makes the task very easy for foreigner students. Learning Chinese language can be a tough challenge, in which starting with the right teacher and an adequate method makes the whole difference, enabling the student to achieve a solid basic knowledge to allow further progress and proficiency. I have to say Katherine is not only well prepared for teaching Chinese language, she also has a passion to teach and outstanding communications skills. She is also very flexible, adapting her teaching method to the needs of  her students.

I recommend Miss Liu without any restriction for the position as a Chinese language teacher and wish her success in her future career!

Gilberto Viegas. (Pilot from Spain )

It is my pleasure to recommend Katherine as a superb Chinese teacher in Shanghai. If you choose her as your teacher, you will have no regrets. I profited greatly from my classes with her. She is responsible, personable, knowledgable, helpful,and hard-working as a Chinese teacher. Classes with her are very  interesting and always finished too quickly. Katherine is a fountain overflowing with insights and helpful tips about the Chinese language. She can adapt her teaching to her students' needs and desires. Make serious and steady progress in your Chinese studies with Katherine as your Chinese teacher. 
Bruce Davis. (College Professor from USA) 

" I started to learn chinese 2 months ago with "Global Chinese" and i feel already at ease to speak chinese in my daily life; I am very happy by the evolution of my chinese level which improved fast thanks to Katherine, my chinese mandarin teacher from "Global Chinese". She is able to design class according to my weekly needs, and is very motivated to make me improve. What is great also is that you can call her many times to ask for help in translating chinese to english or english into chinese if you want to express yourself. One of the main reason I am very excited and motivated by Katherine class is that, i am sure i will reach my aim and the level i want faster then I expected. .I would really recommend her & Global Chinese" ! Shen Dan Kuai Le !
Victor Mayaud. (Purchasing Manager from France)
To Prospective Mandarin Chinese Students,
Katherine is a highly qualified mandarin teacher with university degrees in English literature and Mandarin, giving her a solid foundation in both languages, and enabling her to effectively and efficiently teach Mandarin as a foreign language. I have been taking private classes from Katherine for 3 months and I have seen a dramatic improvement in my Mandarin level; especially when compared to my previous struggles to stay committed and learn Mandarin using online aides and software. She is patient and very flexible to fit the individual classes to your schedule, which makes the private lessons very valuable to professionals like myself, who have volatile & demanding work schedules. In addition, she will tailor your class to fit your personal goals and motivate you to achieve them. I recommend Katherine to anyone who has ambitions to truly learn Mandarin!
Rob Eberenz. ( Founder, Senior Associate, from USA)
Dear Kate Liu,

All I have are words of gratitude towards you.

During this time, not have only taught me to speak Chinese, also you gave me lessons about life, customs and traditions of this beautiful country.

You has shown me, by a hand, you are a great teacher, but I proven you are a nice person as well, always with that smile.

You way of teach, giving answers to all my questions, and showing the flexibility to adapt to you to my work and life raise my steem for you.

Feicháng ganxie nín jiaoshou.

Warm regards, zui hao de wenhou,

Ventura Quevedo.  
(Pilot from Spain )

I have had Katherine as a chinese teacher for the past 3 months. She is animated and enthusiastic which makes it very enjoyable to learn from her. Not only do I learn a great deal about the language but also the Chinese culture. Katherine is also a great contact to have in Shanghai as she has helped us to communicate with locals to arrange deliveries, sign contracts and to facilitate meetings with various service people. I would encourage anyone to meet with Katherine to learn more about her private chinese class!
Siobhan Brown. ( Pilot Fraser's Wife from Canada )
 To who concern,

My name is María del pino puras.
I am an spanish student who has been under chinesse classes with Katherine Global Chinesse for 3 months.

I would strongly recomend Miss katherine as an expatriate Chinese teacher for her superb guide to teach the basics of the chinesse language.

Miss katherine has impeccable conduct.
Miss Katherine is a teacher who spends all the time needed for the student to learn this language perfectly.
She uses different methods, according with the rythem of the student.

Katherine professor is an absolute guarantee of learning Chinese.
She dedicates full-time student. Katherine deserves to be strongly recommended as a private chinesse teacher between expatriate students.

I hope that with this letter of recommendation, professor's Katherine reputation will be well done recognized.

Sincerely your student

Pino Puras ( Pilot Bazan's Wife from Spain )

Katherine and Skip,

I've talked to each of you about each other about chinese lessons and wanted to get you two in contact. Skip, Katherine is a great teacher , and I benefits very well from her ! She  has my full recommendation !
Katherine's number: 13651712893
Skip's number: 186********

Mike.P.Acevedo. (General Manager from USA)

Dear Katherine,

Here is the contact of my roomate who's has just gone back to France for Visa issue, he is really interested in chinese lesson to be started by 5th of august (the date he will be back from France) : Victor Mayaud mail : *********** tel : 131********. My new roommate is really motivated and will contact you as soon as he's available. My side, i've never been that out of money in my life since i've to spend some to travel with my girl. Also, i need my free time to give her some tours as tryin' to impress her with my chinese (best way to practice ;-). But, i'll be back from my trip in August - i still don't know when exactly but i will contact you very soon to go further with my Chinese study !

Anyway, thank you very much for your help, pedagogy, concern, motivation, interest, 'joie de vivre' etc. you're the best teacher i know and i don't doubt your school will raise.

We obviously stay in contact as i call you when i am back in August. (2 or 3 weeks from now). I wish you the best since.
Charles Chamblas. (Project Manager from France)

Hello Katherine,

I hope everything is fine for you. How far has your school project gone ?

I am contacting you because my former manager in Shanghai is looking for a good chinese teacher. He is french and has just taken his new function at ***** Shanghai Office. Would you be interested to help him ? Anyway here is his contact : Joe Awad, tel:+33(0)14475****, Mob:+33(0)63318****, web:http://......-consulting.com/

Please let me know if you find an agreement with him. I wish you the best,
Charles Chamblas (from France)

Hello,kate ! I really enjoyed studying Chinese with you. I will be happy to recommend you and give reference if you want ! Hopefully,I will start with more chinese lessons in a few months.
CJSkold. (Managing Director from Sweden)

Good morning, Katherine,

Last night I reviewed some of what you taught me. I plan to review the rest of the material tonight. I wish you lived in Nanjing so I could have classes with you more often. Great classes ! I hope you are having a good week.

Bruce Davis (from USA)

Another good morning to my good teacher, Katherine,

Thanks for your e-mail. I am glad you will continue giving me classes. If you weren't willing to, I think I would start crying. I am not going to work this Saturday; so I hope to go to Shanghai Friday after work or Saturday morning. Are you free Friday evening for class in case I arrive then? When are you free on Saturday and Sunday and Monday?

I hope you have a pleasant day.

Bruce Davis (from USA)

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